Tax Appointment Worksheet

You can use the Tax Appointment Worksheet to assist you in compiling the necessary data for both new and returning clients for the 2022 tax year. The worksheet has been improved to account for the modifications to the tax code.




Documents or Information Needed


Married, divorced, or separated

Married- Prior year return of both spouses

Divorced- Finalized date; copy of the divorce decree

Separated- Copy of the separate maintenance agreement

Community property income allocation


Children- Birth or adoption

Social Security cards and adoption papers

Adoption Credit

Expense date and amount of adoption, special needs certification

Child tax credit, EIC, HH

Proof child lives in household, child’s name on document


Death of child or Spouse

Date of death


Additional Members of household

Date of occupancy and relationship


Job change

Start date

Name of new employer

Form W-2 from new and old employers



Unemployment form


Retirement Contribution

Type of plan

Amount of contribution


Retirement Distributions

Form 1099- R; rollovers, Roth Conversions, inheritance

RMD information if age 72 or older

Direct transfer to charity?

Yes          Amt:

Brokerage statement showing transfer


Social Security benefits

Form 1099- SA


Sale of stocks, bonds, etc. (including mergers)

Form 1099- B or other sale documents; basis or original costs


Purchase of stocks, bonds, etc.., personal residence, or other real estate

Purchase documents; closing papers



Will, K-1 from the estate, Basis information

Gifts made

Cash or property in excess of $16,000 per person

Description of property given, basis, donee name

Gifts received

Property- Basis of donor


Trade of real property

Date of trade, property given up and property received, basis, and FMV; qualified intermediary sales agreements or closing papers

Personal Auto used for business that was traded in

(example: auto)

Date of trade, value received for trade. Cost basis of property given up


Start or end a small business (Schedule C, LLC, S or C Corporation, partnership)

Formation or termination dates

Property contributions or distributions

K-1s, if applicable

Business income/ expenses

1099-ks received for credit card or PayPal type payments

Inventory numbers if applicable


Lawsuit settlements

Date received; reason for the settlement; 1099-MISC


Rental Property

Income; expenses; new property purchased



Form 1099- MISC; value of prizes not included on Form 1099- MISC.


Lottery or gambling winnings

Total amount won whether on W-2G or not; total amount of losses


Health insurance, medical, dental, or drug expenses

Health insurance premiums; post-taxed payments; totals or other medical, dental, and drug expenses. If the health insurance is pre-taxed premiums have already been deducted from the wage. Health savings account (HSA) information.

Medical miles

(18 cents per mile) January- June

(22 cents per mile) July- December

Total medical miles driven during the year

January- June

July- December 

Market place health insurance coverage verification

Form 1095 A, B, or C must be received from the marketplace, the insurance carrier, or your employer for every person included on the tax return.


State taxes income, property taxes paid, sales tax paid on vehicles, motorcycles, or homes

Prior year’s income tax return; property tax bills; closing papers from the purchase or sale of property; letter from the state regarding any change in a prior filed return.


Home mortgage interest

Forms 1098; Description of use of money, home equity interest no longer allowed


First time homebuyer

Distribution from IRA?


Recapture/ Repayment 2008 credit

Sale or change in use; record of amount repaid


Charitable contributions of money, property, or out- of- pocket expenses

Date and type of contributions, knowledge that receipts from the organizations have been received; statement regarding whether goods and service were received for donation; mileage log for charitable work.

Charitable miles (14 cents per mile)

Total charitable miles driven

Transfers from IRA to charity for taxpayers over age 70.5

Brokerage statement showing transfer



Job- related expenses for employees

No longer deductible

Business miles

(58.5 cents per mile) January- June

(62.5 cents per mile) July- December

No longer allowable for employees; only for businesses and rentals

Total miles driven per vehicle

January- June _____________

July- December ____________

Business miles driven per vehicle

January- June _____________

July- December ____________



Educational Expenses

Form 1098-T for parents or children if the child is a student, the form will come to the child. Actual expense record to verify expenses for credit/ deduction purpose

Financial transcript from school needed to show when actual expenses were paid.

Form 1099Q- Distribution from 529 plans.

Student loan interest

Interest record for student loans; Form 1098-E


Child or disabled spouse care

The name, address, and ID number of the day care provider; the amount paid to the provider comes into your home, a W-2 may be required.


Energy credit

Information regarding the purchase of qualified energy property for residential and commercial use.


Bankruptcy filing

Date filed

Bankruptcy papers- property rejected/ returned by court


Debt forgiveness or abandonment of property

Form 1099-A for abandonment

Date property was taken by the bank or sold in foreclosure


IRS or state communications

Letters, additional taxes paid, changes in prior year returns, installment agreements, or offers in compromise.


Foreign Investments or holdings

Any foreign accounts? Total exceed $10,000 at any time during the year?

Foreign business interests or stock of $50,000 or more?

Signature authority over foreign accounts?


Virtual currency (Cryptocurrency)

Buy, sell, receive, exchange, or dispose of?

Back up documents